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1" B - Pal and Secam
1" C - Pal and Secam (3hr)
1" C - NTSC (3hr)
2” Quad - Pal, NTSC, Secam   or Monochrome.
D1 - 525 and 625
D2  - Pal and NTSC
D3  - Pal
D5  - 625
At our Base we have the following:-
HDV - 50i and 60i
EIAJ - 525 and 625
Umatic - All Formats
.5” Sony - CV Format 
DVD - Pal and NTSC
Blueray HD
All to broadcast formats.
Our engineering expertise stretches from using and maintaining Ampex VR 2000s (early 2” Quad machines) through 1” B and C format Umatic, Betacam and Betacam SP, through to Digital Betacam IMX and newer High Definition formats.

We have transferred hundreds of hours of material that may have had to be heat treated or cleaned, via the highest quality converters to our clients requested format in PAL Secam, NTSC or Monochrome and we have been involved in many restoration projects here and in Europe.

Preserving the Past for the Future
Specialists in Video Archiving and Conversion